Kenya 2014

Another great time in Kenya. This was my fourth visit and I find it such a blessing and rewarding time. We did clinics in Nairobi, Narok and into the Masai Mara.

This time, I will try and upload a time lapse video, that shows how we set up a surgery in a school classroom. If you’re interested in doing some voluntary work, let me know! Enjoy.

Excellent aesthetics

Another great work of art by my technician, Johan Barnard at Rock Dental. The implant crown is in front of the crowned molar (large) tooth. He has matched the wear of the teeth in front perfectly!


ITI World Congress

The ITI (International Team for Implantology) is one of the world’s largest Dental Implant Educational Organizations. They have a world congress every four years, and this year it was in Geneva.
Lots of interesting developments, and I purchased my first implants made totally of ceramic, rather than traditional titanium. These are white in colour, so aesthetics are even better than the grey of titanium .DSC_6338IMG_3932IMG_3926

Private Medical Insurance

I am pleased to announce that I am now registered with BUPA and Simply Health for treatment of their patients. If you have health insurance, please contact my receptionists, who can assist you to start your treatment.


I have been using PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) for bone grafting, for the last six months. Apart from the obvious advantage of not using foreign materials in my patients, the accelerated healing has been very impressive. Patients have good quality bone within six weeks, rather than the months that it can be traditionally.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting I learned the technique at the BTI institute in Spain which treats all the top Spanish Football teams. In today’s “Daily Mail’ Gareth Bale for Tottenham will be having a variation of this treatment!


It was a great pleasure to be appointed Consultant Oral Surgeon at Cirencester Hospital. This is the most senior clinical position in the NHS, and is an important role in the provision of service and the training of future surgeons. I will be working one day a week in Cirencester, and continuing at Wood St and Lechlade.

Kenya 2013

Well, I can’t stop going to Kenya! What a beautiful country, and it keeps drawing me back. We were so fortunate to have six dentists on this trip, and two hygienists.


Two other Oral Surgeons also came from Indiana, and it was great fun to have these extremely experienced colleagues working with me. No matter how many years you work, you can always learn from your colleagues.DSC_0128

500 Audited Implants!

All responsible clinicians should keep careful records of their surgery, so that if there are any problems, it can be picked up early. I use software by the ADI (Association of Dental Implantology UK), to record my implants and have now reached over 500 audited ones. My total is more, as I did not use this software initially.

The site, brand, size of implants are carefully recorded. Of course any that fail are recorded as well. Currently this stands at 1.2%, ie a 98.8% success rate. This falls well within the guidelines of 95%.

Prof Khoury Course

Learning new techniques at Prof Khoury’s course in Germany. An extremely skilled clinician, who is a leader in implant surgery. He has developed various methods of handling bone, that can then be placed where there is shortage. Called the ‘Khoury technique’, so nice to actually learn something from the inventor themselves!IMG_2119

BTI Institute

I have been hearing more about the use of growth factors in Medicine, and was contacted by a Spanish company that has developed a use in dentistry.

It uses the patients own blood to create PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors). This accelerates healing and also reduces infection due to it’s inherent bacteriostatic properties. By mixing this with the patients own bone, the use of cow, horse, or cadaver bone can be avoided.


The institute and research labs are in Vitoria, northern Spain.

Most impressive were the labs with over 15 researchers. The unset plasma is used for the treatment of sports injuries, and they treat all the big Spanish football teams, and tennis stars.

More information can be found here BTI Insitute

I have now purchased my own centrifuge and will be using this protocol to improve the healing and safety of my complicated implant cases.

ADA Meeting

Had the opportunity to attend the worlds largest dental meeting, the American Dental Association Meeting in San Francisco.

A lot of important speakers were there, with the newest idea for treatments and prevention of disease.


An extremely large trade show, with over 350 stands


A little bit of sight seeing as well, the Golden Gate Bridge taken from a tour boat, just as some mist rolled in.


Kenya 2011

Another trip to Kenya. This time, with a larger group. Very inspiring to meet other dentists who do a lot of voluntary work.


This is a portable suction, and handpiece unit all designed to be a wheel on carry case!


These dental chairs are just re-inforced plastic sheets that dismantle into a small box. They can carry a weight up to 180kg.

University of Berne

Attended the Masters Course in Guided Bone Regeneration at the University of Berne in Switzerland. Taught by one of the world’s leading Implantologists, Professor Danny Buser, it was a wonderful learning experience. Some students had come from as far as Australia and South America.
For colleagues keen to learn and improve their skills, I would highly recommend the courses they have to offer.

Kenya trip

I was able to travel to Kenya with the charity GVM and work with IDPs (internally displaced people) following the election violence of 2007. Our team consisted of five doctors, two nurses, and myself providing the dental service. We ran four clinics and I saw over 100 patients. People have no access to medical/dental care as some of the camps are in very isolated areas. As you can see, there was a tremendous need for the services we were able to provide.


K333 (2)

I was able to use an Aseptico folding dental chair. Nevertheless, some back ache at the end of each day because of the constant leaning over.


One of the camps was near the Masai Mara National Park, and we had the opportunity to spot some wildlife.

I hope to do this again, and felt that my skills in oral surgery were able to be used in a very specific way.

Kenya booked!

It is over 10 years since I did some voluntary work, and finally have got the chance to do some again. I will be going to Kenya in October to do some oral surgery among the Masai people. Medical facilities are limited and I will try and do my little bit!

Big Case

A lovely patient who had been unhappy with her upper denture, came to see me about a large bridge. So this is the final result, a 10 unit bridge on 7 implants. As you can see she was so happy with the result, a life transforming result!CIMG2088CIMG2089

Guess the implant

Like most Implant Surgeons, we enjoy showing off great results! (Not so keen on the not so good ones)IMG_5977
Have a look any try to guess. First hint, it is not the Upper Right Central, the one with the margin showing (on the left as viewed face on).


A traditional lateral approach to the sinus involves either very careful drilling with large diamonds, or a piezo unit. Having read some very positive reviews, I used the DASK drill set for an external sinus lift. This has an internal irrigation system, that delivers water from the drill tip. Thus as the buccal bone is removed, and you get to the sinus membrane, hydrostatic pressure pushes the membrane out of the way, significantly reducing the risk of tearing the membrane. Not only is risk of membrane tears reduced, but so was surgical time. Contact me if you wish further information, but have been impressed with this system.

More kit

Well I got a second Straumann prosthetic kit to use in Lechlade. So this means that apart from the surgery in Swindon, all the other implant appointments can be done in Lechlade. Hopefully this will be a bit more convenient for patients in Glos (such as Cirencester), Oxfordshire (such as Witney), and all of the Cotswolds. As some patients have to go far for Specialist Surgery, this should make it easier with a lost less travel.


Just a quick note to say hello and welcome you to my weblog. The world of implants is growing so fast, and it is nice to let colleagues and patients know of the latest developments.